Thermal Comfort

Exploring cool-roof and passive ventilation techniques to achieve thermal comfort

Shortlisted Designs

  1. Ventilated Cavity using Ferrocement Concrete Slabs: The main objective of the proposed design solution is to increase the insulation properties of a roof with as low economic cost as possible. The idea is to create a secondary skin over the existing roof and build a free (ventilated) cavity as a barrier between them. The ventilated cavity will give an extraordinary amount of insulation and thus prevent the top floor spaces from heat transferred through the roof. 
  2. Mobile Garden: This cool roof design takes its inspiration from the technique of roof garden construction as a means to mitigate heat gains on a terrace. Roof gardens both protect the terrace by shading it and absorbing radiation in the hot afternoons. Evapotranspiration further protects the terrace through the energy in photosynthesis, gained by the plants.
  3. Thermocrete: A strategy to achieve increased thermal insulation of the roof is proposed through this design. Waste materials such as styrofoam (thermocol) is used in a mixture of cement and fine aggregates. The material is light enough to be added to the roof slab. 
  4. China Mosaic: A detailed analysis of the temperature profile of Indore and Surat suggests that using a high SRI (Solar Reflectance Index) value material on existing roof area will reflect nearly 90% of the incident sun rays, thereby reducing heat gain. This designs proposes the use of broken ceramic tiles (traditional china mosaic) laid over the existing roof area of the building.
  5. Bamboo Shading Screen for Sloping Roof: The proposed design intervention acts a plug-in for existing sloping roofs. It deals with covering the corrugated tin sheet or asbestos sheet roof or RCC slab roof with shading screen made with well-seasoned treated Bamboo. 
  6. Cellulose Fiber Insulation: Thermal insulation can be increased by using thermal insulated materials like Cellulose sandwitched between a cement mixure and the existing roof/cement concrete layer.
  7. Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Insulation: Polystyrene foams are good thermal insulators and are therefore often used as building insulation materials. This design proposes to create an insulating layer using XPS sheets laid over the existing roof and covered on top with cement concrete layer.
  8. Surkhi Concrete - A traditional cool roof technology:  For passive cooling roofs the basic principle is to control heat absorption, reflection and transmission rates. This property is achieved by building materials like lime, sand, wood and water. But only lime and sand can bond well with concrete. A traditional method of weathering proof course can be applied on top of the concrete using natural materials like bael, molasses and gallnut.
  9. Hollow Clay Tiles: The idea here is to create a cavity between two surfaces so as to avoid maximum heat transfer. The cavity allows constant movement of air, thus replacing the hot air with cool air. This constant flow of air reduces indoor temperature of top floors spaces and give a cost effective and sustainable solution for cool roofing.
  10. Inverted Earthen Pots: It has been observed that heat conduction through the material of the roof can be lowered by using materials with good insulating properties, increasing thickness, using air cavities, etc. Following this theme, we have devised and improvised a traditional method of using inverted earthen pots as a means to achieve thermal comfort. Traditionally it has been used on terraces and walls of many buildings especially in hot and arid climates.

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